About Sir Vincent III

I’ve first adapted the name Sir Vincent III when I first created my Noble at the game called High Descent, then in Guild Wars Prophesies, and then to other games I’ve played that allows this naming convention. In Guild Wars, Sir Vincent III is a minion master Necromancer I’ve played all the way up to getting 31/50 from my Hall of Monument. Then in Guild Wars 2, since the game settings is 250 years later, obviously Sir Vincent III is dead, thus Sir Vincent X was born — A Noble Human Thief with almost 6500 Achievement Points. (Update 3/14/2018: 10,485 Achievement Points)

So why am I highlighting my in-game achievements? Because this is what this blogsite is all about: my game achievements (and on how the game developers tramples over them without regards). Therefore, this blogsite will feature a lot of my accomplishments in many games I’m playing, my interactions with other players in the forums, the bashing heads with the developer’s teams, and rants — lots and lots of rants. This is the place where I can be highly critical of the game developer without risking being “infracted” — heh, “infracted,” I hate that word.

The LINKS page of this blogsite contains all the links to all the games I’ve played and currently playing. As I moved on from one game to another, the list of games will only get longer. I’ve “tried” many other games that aren’t listed in that page that aren’t worth mentioning since I never actually played them. Just like the difference between tasting and actually eating food. So “trying” to play a game is not playing to me and I will not list those games (i.e. Minecraft).

Welcome and enjoy reading. If you want to be part of the blogsite as a contributor, feel free to register. But above all, have fun with the game you are playing right now — while it lasts.

Disclaimer: All content in sirvincentiii.com is dedicated to a very subjective and a very opinionated content mainly about games, gaming community, game developers, and the gaming industry. Very rarely I would post something completely objective, neutral, or none offensive. I do not want any outside sources controlling my content. If a third party chooses to advertise on my website, they must agree to every single content herein — past, present, and future. Any post and/or information are subject to change with little to no notice.

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