An epidemic that had ruined many games

I have not been blogging lately since there really isn’t anything worth talking about and I don’t want my website to contain many complaints. That is due to the fact that many games since the last time I made a blog gave me a negative experience.

I am making a blog today because after playing Destiny 2 for 350+ hours, I have to uninstall the game to never play it again nor ever buy anything Bungie.

I purchased Beyond Light under the impression that they are taking the game to a whole new direction since they are “vaulting” almost 60% of the game’s content. Saying that I am disappointed is an understatement.

Beyond Light is not an expansion, it’s a reduction

Nothing was expanded and nothing new was added. It’s just a reskin and relabel/rename of the same old shit. I thought to myself that I can live with this fact, however, this stupid shit happen;

Bungie went woke and not only that, full blown racist. I don’t really want to start posting about politics in my website but it needs to be said. Black Lives Matter movement is not a movement towards diversity, it is a movement to Black Supremacy. It is a racist organization and it does not represent me, a non-white, nor my ideology.

In the article posted by Bungie, they are selling the idea that BLM is for every non-white race, that it’s about diversity. That is an utter bullshit and they are not paying attention.

They don’t need to associate with any organization if they want diversity since Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) already takes care of that. Instead, they made this article to say to everyone that even though you are highly qualified for the job you are applying for, since they’ve already hired enough white person, Asian, or men, sorry, you have to look somewhere else.

Diversity hiring is discrimination

The article that Bungie posted had shed some light on why their latest expansion, Beyond Light, is crap. They hired people based on color and sexual orientation instead of talent.

Diversity hiring had ruined a lot of games for me and it seems there is no end to this.

“Wokeness” is an epidemic worst than COVID since this disease infiltrates the mind and there are no evidence that something good had ever comes out of being “woke”. All evidence points to ruin, anger, division and discrimination.

Since this is the direction they are going, then I’m done with Bungie.

Author: Enzovic

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