Mihoyo is evil

It is not every developer comes as evil as Mihoyo. They’ve created Genshin Impact that manifest the seven deadly sins. It all began with Greed that led to Gluttony which manifest Envy. Envy then was intensified by Lust which lead to Wrath. Then eventually to Sloth, then Pride. I looked at other games I’ve played, but nothing compare to what Mihoyo have created. I enjoyed playing Genshin Impact but I cannot overlook the fact how evil the developers are.


The greed of Mihoyo in Genshin Impact is in full display in their business model. Other mobile games provide sufficient resources to the players that allows the players to keep on playing for long hours. When the player enjoys the game, they naturally starts spending real money — but not in Genshin Impact and definitely not Mihoyo. What Mihoyo does in Genshin Impact is to monetize all aspect of what the players need in order to enjoy the game. They limit the number of content the players can do by placing the horrible Resin System. Part of the game play is leveling up the player’s characters and equipping them with artifacts. Not only that it limits the character’s progression, but also the characters’ talents needs to be improved. The game does not provide enough EXP per kill, so it is not the best way to level up a character. Instead the player has to use Resin in order to collect EXP books which they can use to level up their characters. Leveling up cost EXP book and Mora — basically in-game currency — which can only be reliably gained through the spending of Resin.

Talent books required Resin. Artifacts requires Resin. Resin refills at the rate of 1 Resin every 8 minutes to a maximum of 160, which is pathetically slow. That may seem a lot, but Talent books costs 40 Resin, artifacts costs 20 resin, weekly bosses costs 60 resins. The fact that items drops are randomized makes it even worst. The idea behind the Resin system is to create scarcity that indirectly forces players to manually refill using Primogems. Primogems can be gain from promotions and events, but the amount from those are negligible. The goal is for the players to spend real money to buy Primogems. Mihoyo’s greed shows when despite of all the gluttonous YouTube content creator’s massive spending, they have done very little in expanding the game.


Many YouTube content creators manifest the sin of gluttony. The fact that they have access to tens of thousands of money, they spend until they get what they want. They are always hungry for more, nevermind that fact Mihoyo never bother using the money to expand the game. These creators feeds into whatever Mihoyo throw at them. They just gobble any shit Mihoyo put in a platter to generate excitement on things that are very boring.

One particular creator even said that they will not spend anymore money in Genshin Impact, yeah right. Instead, what they really mean is that they won’t spend anymore money in their account and instead login to someone else’s and spend money there. No different than saying, “I’m not eating from my plate anymore but I’ll eat on yours.” Mihoyo still gets the money from these creator regardless of what account they spend it on.

One creator spent tens of thousands in Genshin Impact trying to get characters and items from the Wish Banner. The impact of this kind of spending is it entices their viewers after seeing how exciting it is to get the character or the weapon from the Wish Banner which manifest the sin of Envy.


Viewers who watch these YouTube content creators becomes more envious whenever they used up all their wishes and not getting the characters or weapons they want. The more envious they become, the stronger the desire to start spending hundreds of their hard earned money. The whole system in Genshin Impact is akin to gambling. The more other players see someone cashing in from a slot machine, the more money they throw at it hoping they would also be “lucky”. The Greed of Mihoyo is in full display in this wish banner after examining how pathetic the odds are. And seeing that a YouTube content creator breaks all logic by pulling super rare character and weapon can only be equate to developer meddling.

I understand that some account can be extremely lucky, but the fact that an account has multiple super rares raises a suspicions that their account is rigged by design. Mihoyo more than likely inflates the chances on those content creator’s account for the sole purpose of manifesting Envy. If the content creator is very unlucky, their channel will not be very popular and the spells bad for Mihoyo. So in order to continue producing Envy, they need to tweak these creator’s account to inflate their chances. There are no other explanation. Saying that it’s all luck is just fooling themselves. Manifesting Envy from their viewers leads to Lust and Wrath.


These YouTube content creator shows “empathy” to their viewers and randomly pick someone’s account to be the next whale. I find it hypocritical when a creator whale into someone else’s account after repeating that they are “free-to-play” and that they won’t spend any more money into the game. Whenever these creator do this it creates Lust from the account owner. The only winner in the end is Mihoyo. No one else. The work of these creator is to give a taste on how it feels like to be a whale. Although they often claim that it is gambling or it’s a waste of money or that they are spending the money so their viewers don’t have to, still the goal to create Lust is very clear.

The gluttonous idea that things are “must have”, the lustful desire to own them, and the envy of those who wants to part of all these feeds into the greediness of Mihoyo. A great example that Mihoyo wants to manifest Lust is Rosaria. Whenever a player driven by gluttony, lust and envy did not became as lucky as those who spent thousands of money manifests the sin of wrath.


The anger of the players who do not have access to unlimited amount of money and are not very lucky in their banner wishes tends to become angry. Anger that leads to wrath. Wrath displayed by players calling the whole Gacha business model as scam. It is not logic nor reason that players calls Genshin Impact as scam, rather it is the feeling after spending their hard earned money and have nothing to show for it. Thus, it is understandable that they will feel angry and ever wrathful about their experience. At the end of the day, these players only have two options; sue Mihoyo to get their money back fully displaying their wrath in court or manifest sloth.


When the players feels defeated, unlucky, and their wallet is empty, it’s understandable if they simply throw their hands in the air, accept their defeat, and have nothing to do with the game anymore. Sloth is the feeling of burned out without really being burned out. The problem with this feeling is it will resonate to other games and non-greedy developers will have to carry the burden of proving themselves.

When there’s enough number of sloth in the player community is the beginning of the end of this industry. There has been too much greed in the gaming industry that even the once trusted developers are not longer trusted. Game developers are once players and when the players becomes sloth, the future of gaming is bleak. And those who walked away from all these greedy game would manifest pride.


The manifestation of pride is not about something the player have done good that they are proud about, rather due to pride they feel that they have to be vengeful. The pride driven vengeance is what ruins the game community. Pride is what creates hackers, scammers, and saboteurs and the one suffers are the player community. It divides the community between pro-Mihoyo and anti-Mihoyo. Wrath and Pride can lead to lawsuits when the system is perceived to be gambling. The fact that the greed of Mihoyo leads to the manifestation of sins on players is what makes Mihoyo evil.

Author: Enzovic

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