Elder Scrolls Online- Day 14

One thing I’m sure of, ESO did not launch as horrible as FFXIV reborn. However it’s not without the typical MMO problems. It’s been laggy in the last couple of days and the “megaserver” is starting to bug me.

There are times that iron nodes will just disappear because someone on a different instance was mining them already. And there’s the most annoying of all — bots. There are bots teleporting from nodes to nodes. Bots spawn camping the dungeon boss. Bots spamming the chat. Bots spamming ingame mail. Bots spamming guild invites. Did I mention that the game is infested with bots?

And there’s the bugged quests. I don’t mind so much if it’s a side quest, but having the main quest bugged is beyond annoying. People of about 20-30 at a time standing, waiting for the mobs to reset just so they can complete the quest. This is not something we should find in new MMO, it just not acceptable. Also knowing that this bug has been around for more than a week now say something on how bad the customer service is going to be in this game. Judging on how fast they resolve this issue, I might not consider continuing my subscription — but we’ll see. The game is not even a month old and they may have a large patch coming that will fix everything…I’m hoping.

New screenshot in the gallery.

Author: Enzovic

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