GW2 – review

It is nice to see an independent writer writes about some thing that players have already expressed in the forum. The question is, would this be enough to sway the stubborn ArenaNet?

According to Chris of ArenaNet, “do not expect feedback to be implemented just because it is something you feel very strongly about. We just don’t develop like that. We instead work with our community to help us navigate these uncharted waters, taking on board all advice and measuring them against the pillars of the Guild Wars 2 and the direction we ultimately want to move in as a whole.” So ultimately, any feedback and suggestion would have o comply with this unknown “pillars” of GW2 and “the direction” they want to move as a whole (Whiteside, 2013). Unfortunately, these pillars and direction seems to be an imaginary sets of standard that ArenaNet finagles over time to justify their erratic sense of direction. Of course they will not set such pillars and directions in stone because they want to use that as a shield to repel against player inputs that they don’t like.

It seems only time will tell if ArenaNet did learn from the last 12 months, or they will remain stubborn and continue on in this unappreciated aggressive game updates.


Author: Enzovic

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