Elder Scrolls Online – Day One

I started playing ESO today (3day head start) and so far it’s the same as it was in beta. I was with the Dominion during beta so I choose to start with Daggerfall this time around. Although it seems that Daggerfall questline are less interesting than in Dominion, I get what they are trying to do. The cultural difference are significant and I think that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, the server is currently under maintenance so I didn’t get a lot of play time before then. I’ll try again later if it gets back online or probably tomorrow if they finished the maintenance too late.

One thing I like the most is the game is running in a megaserver, meaning there’s a lot of players at all times instead of divided into different server shards.

I’ve uploaded some screenshots and I think Tamriel is beautiful.

Author: Enzovic

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