Gauntlet is not playable for every class

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Brother Grimm.5176:


Ummm… Actually Anet did promise that as an original game goal… That your spec was about personal preference and that under no situation would you be required to spec any certain way… That’s one of the reasons why weapons have static skills… Not a very feasable goal really, but it was their original intent and promise… It’s just one of the many promises broken…

The key word here is “required” (and I doubt they ever said nor implied NO SITUATION). This content is NOT required to progress in the game itself. Also, my statement was about obtaining ALL Achievements….those didn’t even exist with the game released.

What a bunch of non-sense.

It is clearly understood that certain achievement rewards those who frequent certain part of the game (i.e. WvW ach. rewards those who frequent WvW) and a lot of the Achievements are required. So in the realm of PvE, Achievement points became a progression at the time Anet introduced the Leaderboard.

Without the Leaderboard and the reward system, sure, it’s nothing to worry about, but as soon as they’ve activated these features, it became a tool to gauge progression.

So stop with your non-sense.


It is beatable by every class. Every class has a condition build/DPS build/Tanky build/Dodgy build.

They’ve stated you might need to change your build within your class

That’s a stupid stupid design.

Imagine if you are designing a portfolio for your investor and telling them to sell off stocks and shares and reallocate funds to something else, I’m sure you’ll lose that investor in a heartbeat.

The game play design should adjust to provide good game experience to every player regardless of build.

What’s the point of changing my build if I have not played the build before?

If the game play dictates the build I should be running, then that is the very definition of a stupid design, expected coming from a game feature that was rushed to completion with low quality.

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