GW2 upcoming update – analysis/speculation

Yesterday, there was a post from about ArenaNet sending out a metronome with inscribed riddle.

Thump, Thump. Time to jump.
Wipe all resistance from your mind
There’s a secret deep below to find

If you’d only seen the things I’ve seen
You’d wake up screaming from The Dream

This next part will sting, but it brings me joy
Sometimes to change you must destroy

A fire is rising you cannot contain
Tyria will burn, while I remain.


The last similar tease was during the Queen’s Jubilee when ArenaNet sent out a pocket watch with similar riddles.

Tick tock goes the clock
It’s almost time for time to stop
Something you all must understand
Your world is built on fog and sand

You’re out of time, your jig is done
It’s time for Scarlet to have her fun
She has some hard lessons to teach
To the people of Divinity’s Reach

So mark the date in permanent ink
The hour is later than you think
On the twentieth day she’ll start her games
And warm her hands over Kryta’s flames!

So based on what happen during the Queen’s speech where Scarlet revealed herself, none of the hints in the riddle even happen, for instance, she didn’t “warm her hands over Kryta’s flames.” So a big chunk of the riddle are nothing but empty threats. The only relevant clue in this riddle is the “tick tock” as it relates to the clock work minions. That’s it. So these threat about time stopping, world being built on fog and sand, the lesson she suppose to teach and everything else are nothing but garbage coming from a deranged sylvari.

So what can we expect to be different from this new metronome riddle?

The first clue it the metronome. Why a metronome? Does it has something to do with rhythm and tempo? Are we now going into a dance battle with Scarlet? Or compose a song? Or this is simply another garbage clue.

Next clue is this “secret deep below.” If read after the previous sentence, does it meant that there’s a secret deep within our mind? Below what? The GW2 forum is speculating that the it’s deep below Tyria and probably Primordus.

Next clue is about the Dream. Oh kay. Next.

Next clue is a sting that brings her joy, that change sometimes requires destruction. Well, we heard this same threat on Queen’s Jubilee, yet Kryta didn’t even burn. Some how I’m hoping that she’s talking about herself here. It’s time for her to implode.

Last clue is more about burning and targeting Tyria instead of just Kryta. For some one who failed to burn Kryta aims to burn Tyria?

Sometimes I really question the “creative” part of ArenaNet’s creative team.

I guess we can just sit back and wait, because it seems to me that the only important piece of clue is this;

“Thump, Thump. Time to jump.”

Author: Enzovic

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