New Year, New Build

After several tests on different builds this past winter break, this is what I can salvage from the left-over since the last December update.

The play-style of this build is to control the fight in a 1v1 scenario or to isolate a target in a group scenario. This build has enough of sustain heal but will not survive a burst so it is important to keep an eye out for burst skills and use blind or scorp’wire to interrupt. Infiltrator’s strike is to bind the target after a successful pull. If the pull failed, wait for cooldown before trying again. Scorp’wire has a very short cooldown that can be used for both pulling and interrupting so use it often.

Without further ado, here’s my current build with items I currently posses.

Question: Why 25-0-0-15-30?
Answer: The 25 in DA ensures the +10% damage against target with conditions. With several ways to apply conditions, the 25pt trait in DA is a must have. Since this is a Trickery build, the only logical 15 points is in Acrobat.

Q: Why Trickster instead of Bountiful Theft?
A: Bountiful Theft is situational and redundant at times since our weapon set of choice is S/D. The low CD on Scorpion Wire is a better choice for this play style. The vigor from BT is negligible since we already have Feline Grace and Thrill of the Crime.

Q: Why Rune of Vampirism?
A: This build is not about stealth so I use Cloak & Dagger to give me a large heal burst after using a heal skill (see Rune set of 4 bonus). I used this rune in the past to give me a heal burst after dealing a backstab. Even since then, I fell in love with this rune especially the Set 6 bonus of Mist Form that have always saved me from a killing blow. Feel free to change up the Heal Skill on this build, especially with the new Healing Venom, this rune makes it look good.

Author: Enzovic

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