Living World is exhausting

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The constant demand to learn new skills, fights, boss, event, etc. gets tiring after a while. With the new upcoming living story, everything I have learned in the previous Living Stories are for nothing since I have to learn new things again. It would have been nice if I can retain this knowledge by applying it to something else, but with the current state of the game and how it became fast paced, I’m simply running out of steam.

I understand why Anet wants to release new contents every two weeks but there’s also a reason certain content should remain in the world for a long period of time. Not everyone will be able to keep up at this pace and when I feel that I am going to be behind because of real life situation, for example, I will simply not even bother to play this game anymore. Other than the Living Story which I will not going to keep up with, I have nothing else to do in this game. I have each profession to level 80 with Exotic pieces on most of them and no personal story to do for each of them, it seems that’s the end of the road for me.

It is sad to see that instead of releasing a large patch that creates months and months of enjoyment and play time, like continuation of Personal Story, you have decided to load everyone up on a high speed train without a seat but only a metal bar to hold on to — eventually, someone will simply let go.

I am at that point. I feel that it’s time for me to let go.

Since my monetary expenditure in this game is the same, if not more than, as a monthly subscription, I am now considering moving on to a game where I can enjoy the content for more than 2-4weeks for every characters I have. Also with the eSport coming around the corner, it is expected the skills will be “balanced” across the board to favor that part of the game in the expense of PvE content, which have always brought forth a lot of frustrations that I simply do not want coming from a game I should be enjoying to relieve stress. I’ve seen this before and most of the recent patches are a reminder that this is where the game is currently heading.

The Living Story have me burned out.

Sure I can simply not login and take a break, but understand this, this is suppose to be my break from troubles of reality and you have made this game more stressful than my current job since this one have a 2-4 weeks deadline. This is not the reason why I play a game. I login to GW2 to disconnect from the worries of this world and even just for a few hours I can enjoy something that is not related to reality, like fighting an Elder Dragon.

Although it is a hard decision for me, I simply cannot keep up with this anymore.

Author: Enzovic

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