Copy & Paste: BnS vs GW2

I’ve been playing Blade & Soul and I can’t help to notice the many features that it has in common with GW2. I’m not entirely sure who copied who, but it made me sick to think that for years of playing GW2, BnS actually perfected those features.

1) No mount, just sprint – Every character in BnS can Sprint…but not in GW2. I don’t mind having no mount in BnS because the Sprint can travel fast and not taking a space in my action bar.

2) Gliding – Right off the bat, players get gliding in BnS. GW2’s gliding didn’t happen until the HoTs expansion and it’s not available to everyone since it is hidden behind a pay wall. Not to mention the limited zone where it is useable.

3) Down State – GW2 down state is a joke, they might as well get rid of it. As for BnS, the Down State is not too bad but it’s also rather useless.

4) Large area instance called zones – unlike other MMOs where the zones are seamless, like flying from the top of a continent to the bottom without loading screen, both GW2 and BnS have loading screen. The big difference is that, the loading screen in BnS is 1000% shorter than the loading screen in GW2. This is quite annoying in GW2 but not so much in BnS

5) Waypoints – The functionality of the feature is very similar to each other including the annoying loading screen even though I’m using the waypoint in the same zone.

6) Active evasion – The evasion system in BnS is hard since it’s not like GW2 where it has a duration. However, it is more satisfying and rewarding in BnS since it really separate the bad players from the good players.

7) Action camera and targeting – This one is something that GW2 copied for sure since they don’t have this feature before nor the feature is even useable now. The targeting and the crosshair in BnS is flawless while the same feature in GW2 is done by an amateur, very clunky and frustrating to use.

8) In game mail system – This feature is very similar ever since GW2 added the delivery pets like the pigeon. Both games have no mailbox and the mail is delivered instantly.

So far these are the things I’ve noticed that are familiar in both games and I’m sure that there are more.

Author: Enzovic

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