Moving On

There comes a point in time when one can no longer deal with unresolved issues or when things are going to direction that one simply do not agree with. Therefore, starting today, there will be changes since I’ve decided to leave my frustrations behind and move on.

I’ll focus less on GW2 and simply let that game die on its own. No need to repeat myself on how many people are angry about their latest patch. They built up so much hype, then failed.

So moving on. I’ll continue to comment on Elder Scrolls Online since this is the game that currently brought me back into loving MMO all over again. With so many MMO disappointment I’ve had so far — from FFXI’s real time everything, WoW’s murder of my Hunter, Rift’s endless repetitions, and now GW2’s headless chicken syndrome — I’m running out of MMO to play. I still like SWTOR though, but I cannot afford to pay monthly for two games and only play one of them. So for now, I’ll spend a lot of time playing ESO and I’ll be posting my adventures here.

Once in a while, I miss playing RTS so I will startup Command and Conquer: Generals: Zero Hour: Shockwave Mod and blow up shit. Especially when questing in an MMO becomes monotonous and boring. So far, ESO is all about excitement but I wish they make re-spec-ing cheaper to try out other builds. But I guess I can simply roll an Alt to try them out.

Author: Enzovic

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