Sword Dagger Builds??

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But I don’t take advantage of toughness, I hardly get hit, and when I do I have a low cooldown heal/evade to top me off. So in that case, I have to disagree. I would rather have more crit damage from my gear than more toughness. I do still highly value HP though, as a buffer for condition damage. I have tried it with the “correct” gear and it is not as effective.

You do realize that your heal means nothing if you’re taking serious damage due to low toughness right?

Then every time you heal yourself, you’re not dealing damage making your crit damage useless.

In due time, you’ll understand that toughness and vitality matters a lot — and how much do you need of each to maintain a nice frequency of attacks.

As for now — you speak like a newbie.

Author: Enzovic

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