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The game sure did change and in my opinion, it doesn’t favor my play style. I love the GW2 – Released Version – a lot and I thought they will continue with that. Unfortunately, the GW2 – Living Story Version – is not what I envision when I bought the game. To my disappointment, I no longer play the game outside from logging in just to see what’s going on then logging out. It’s sad really that because of the changes and the decision they have made me realize that all these are simply to boosts their sales.

I’m sure they can rationalize or justify their decision but I am simply sharing what I see hoping that my perspective will make them realize that this is how someone like me view their game one year later. In the mean time, there’s really nothing for me to do since the Living Story is not about me anymore — I simply want more Personal Story. I want to see why the Vigil thinks they can take out the dragons. I want to see their strategies and tactics on taking out a dragon. Same goes with other Order, what’s their plan? Their goal?

The Released Version have a strong foundation for great story but instead, Anet went completely side ways and worked on Living Story. So I guess, until the Personal Story 2.0 becomes a reality, there’s really no reason for me to play. And that is one thing that has changed in this game, my guild used to have 150 members and it’s now dead, not because people leave for another guild, but because of people no longer log in.

Author: Enzovic

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