What Scarlet saw. (Short Story)


Sir Vincent III.1286:

Besides, this story is not well thought off.

She claims, “So much makes sense now. The Pale Tree, the Nightmare Court, Caithe and Faolain…it’s all part of a grand design.”

Yet she believes that she’s not part of that design and can change things however she wants.

“We can change the rules…well, I can. And I’m going to.”


If she’s as smart as the story claims her to be, she would have realized that her every action are perhaps part of that “grand design”; that all her actions are preset and predefined and there’s no way for her to escape that fact.

She saw how the system existed before her and decided how she would become a new cog in the system in order to change the way it worked. She is changing the “grand design” (or at least is planning to).

That’s the problem, her vision is contradictory. There’s no way for her to claim to have seen the “grand design” and failed to see that she’s already part of it. Therefore, it would be impossible for her to be this “new cog” unless she recreates reality and the entire Eternal Alchemy from scratch.

Author: Enzovic

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