FFXIV -Anima Weapon Evolution

I’ve completed my Anima Weapon some time ago and also evolved it into the Hyperconductive version. The next evolutionary journey is reconditioning the Anima weapon.

Making the Hyperconductive is the easiest evolutionary step since it only requires 5 Aether Oils that I can purchase using Allagan Tomestone of Poetics. Prior to the 4.0 (Stormblood), each oil costs 1800 Allagan Tomestones and I almost quit the game again for having such a ridiculous cost. Good thing that Stormblood came out and I stick around then I found out that they reduced the price of the oils to 350 each. Since I have a lot of tomestones, I bought four oils right off the bat and farm the rest to upgrade my weapon to Hyperconductive version.

The next evolutionary step is not something I like but it is doable, but grindy — surprise, surprise. The required materials have a lot of different sources. In order to upgrade my weapon, I need 1 x Crystal Sand and 1 x Umbrite. The Crystal Sand can be obtained from Ulan by exchanging different things. I chose to use my gathering scrips to buy the sands. However, the Umbrite can only be purchased using tomestones of poetics. It becomes grindy because I need to upgrade my weapon 240 times. I’m still forming a strategy on how I would tackle this. I do not really care for the weapon since it’s already outdated nor do I care about the skin. I’m only doing this because of her: Anima.

There’s really no other reason for me to do this. The rest of the skins for each evolution steps are not that appealing. However, this is but a side task and the main thing I need to focus on is making millions of Gils. If I can’t get a house, an apartment is still fine.

Author: Enzovic

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