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I have used many digital game download launchers but I mainly use Steam. So when EA starts using Origin and Ubisoft starts using Uplay, it gets irritating launching all three launchers just to check what games are on sale. It makes even more irritating when trying to find the right price for the game I want to buy.

The digital download website I mainly use are Fanatical and Humble Bundle. I rarely buy anything directly from Origin or Uplay since they normally sell games at retail price. Otherwise, I simply wait for the Steam sales. I sometimes buy digital game from Amazon since I am not aware of any other website that sells digital download games. Little that I know that there are other website who offer similar or better deals. It was brought to my attention the website called

What is

The website offers a lot of games for different platforms and some limited listing of computer hardwares. The first thing I notice visiting the website is that it loads fast. The search feature works fast, but it bugs sometimes. For instance, I’m trying to find offers for the Final Fantasy XII the Zodiac Age and I simply typed “Final Fantasy” to see every related games. For a few seconds, Final Fantasy IX is the only thing that showed up on the list – then it disappeared. I’m not really sure why but I think it’s the filter. Anyway, that’s really not a big deal since the search does it really fast and a lot of the digital download website has really great offers. Another feature I like is the game cards listing.

Price comparison tool

The list of websites that offers to sell their games shows a simple, easy to understand listing. However, at least for my case, I also would like to see offers from website I frequent like Steam, Fanatical and Humble Store. Each website also includes a brief description and user feedback to help buyers decide which website to use. A word of caution, after reading some of the feedback, it is best to do a diligent research before purchasing. The feedback are all over the place from “Great and Fast Service” to “Smelled fishy” to “It might be a fraud”. I personally have not done business with the websites listed in so I have no personal insight on each of these website.

All in all it’s not a bad website

The shadiness of the sellers should not reflect I personally have no knowledge on what kind of relationship DLCompare have with each seller, but it seems like they only serve as a trade broker. To their credit, the website is easy to navigate and they don’t try to hide negative feedback. So in my opinion, they are ok to use to compare prices, but I suggest to stay cautious when purchasing from unknown sellers. I’ll be adding this website to my Link page for reference.

Author: Enzovic

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