GW2: HOT – PvE Experience – The Build

Before I start my review on the heart of Maguuma, I want to first explore the build I’m using with my Thief. Although I did my first run through the Maguuma with my Necro, I’ll focus on my Thief since with the Necro, it’s easier due to minions.

The Build

So here’s the build: Jungle DD

The main focus of this build is to deal massive AoE as much as possible. So the combination of Bound and Vault is the key here. It’s a balancing act between Initiative and Endurance. So while my Initiative is recharging, I maintain DPS with Bound — vice versa while Endurance is recharging, I maintain DPS with Vault. Typically, 1xBound + 2xVault = dead mobs.


Scorpion Wire + Fist Flurry->Palm Strike + Vault: This combo is really good against the annoying snipers which interrupt their aimed shots and deals a massive damage to them. The timing on the Palm Strike damage to the Vault animation is flawless — a massive burst made to end the threat.

Hook Strike + Steal + Fist Flurry->Palm Strike + 2xVault: Once in a while I get to steal a Tuft for stealth. I save this to deal a massive combo damage to a Veteran or Elite mobs or even on Boss mobs.

Vault + Bound + Vault: This combo works really well against annoying trash mobs. It deals a lot of AoE damage plus when the Sigil of Fire procs for an overkill.

Key Skills

Dust Strike – This skill is very usefull against the vines since it counters the vines’ sweep attacks which allowed me to stay in melee range.

Debilitating Arc – I only use this when immobilized, else I never use it.

Weakening Charge – I never use this. It’s not worth using for the cost. For 2 initiative more, I can deal more AoE damage using Vault with evasion.

Alternate skills

I often swaps these skills depending on the encounter.
Bounding Dodger <-> Unhindered Combatant
Signet of Shadows <-> Signet of Agility
Scorpion Wire <-> Shadow Refuge
Thieves Guild <-> Dagger Storm

The Encounters

Most of the encounters are straight up brawling and dealing massive damage in a short amount of time. It is important to keep in mind not to burn out all my Initiatives and Endurance at the same time. When the encounter demands it, I switch to my P/P otherwise I rarely use it.

Traversing the jungle also requires Signet of Shadows, Don’t Stop and Unhindered Combatant — usually when doing the supply runs. When defending a camp, I switch to Signet of Agility and Bound. I also switch my elite skill to Dagger Storm.

Some Hero Point challenge are solo-able using the Thieves Guild except for the champions of course since that encounter is designed for 3 or more players. There are Hero Points that’s insanely difficult like the Mushroom King. At this encounter, I choose to stay away and use my pistols instead. However, I still need to keep an eye out for his jump since he rather uses it on a random target within range.

I’m still working my way through the jungle and just reach Tarir with my Thief. So far, the Thief is doing fine, but not great because it has no protection against conditions — basically I just have to out heal it so my large HP is working out rather well.

This is it for the PvE build and I’m sorry that I have nothing for PvP since I don’t play PvP until I have nothing more to do in PvE — it’s a mentality I’ve developed playing Guild Wars for many years. I’ll add more reviews at the later date.

Author: Enzovic

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