GW2 Infraction – been a while

Haven’t gotten an infraction for a while and this is one of those things where even defending yourself is punishable. Enjoy.

Your post in My initial thoughts on Thief in HoT was infracted by a moderator:

T raw.4658:
1st All MMO’s employ the same business model of xpansion classes being OP. GW2 is no different, and quite frankly it’s more apparent b/c the elite specs are pretty much p2w. If you want to sit in the basement in denial over simple economics be my guest….just when the real discussions are going on please don’t comment.

Gross generalization doesn’t make your statement believable instead ignorant.

As for you saying the first part of my post was opinion no. It’s the sign of a well developed PvP game that someone who dumps in a few thousand hours on a class destroys someone who just started playing a class. When a class goes against this then we definitely have a problem either with that new class or the old class.

So now it’s “either”. If you review your last post, you said that Rev will be nerfed. That’s way different than “either” because either means that Rev may or may NOT be nerfed.
The real problem now is that nobody in the PvP community really knows what the problem is. Yet, many are posting nerf this, nerf that, buff this, buff that — without acknowledging the balance as a whole.
You said that the Rev has no business in beating a Thief. Do you even realize how egoistic that comment is? — since every other class is already beating Thief.
We all know that every other profession beats the Thief, that status quo never changed. But to say that the solution is to nerf Rev and buff Thief — at the same time — is a decision made by emotion rather than intellect.
The whole PvP scenario had a major shake-up and people are still learning to play the new class and the old classes are learning how to beat them.
Nerfing and buffing without much reliable data is reckless.

Refer to Jana’s post on how he/she started as a condi thief wrecking people. This was not due to a greater player aptitude but the sign of something broken….and we all know p/d condi thief was broken.

All condition builds are broken. Why single out P/D Thief?
This is my point. You tend to only focus on one profession, yet you cry out imbalance and broken, but your statements don’t even care about the overall balance.
You based your conclusion on a 1v1 match in a 5v5 gameplay. That’s obviously an obsolete mentality. Whatever happen to Thieve’s adapts?

So while I do enjoy a nice exchange of commentary I must say it is now time for you stop before I bring up you’ve not played thief since d/d was a thing in PvP….circa 2012

Take your own advice and keep your generalization and egotistic comments to yourself.

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