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I’ve been playing around with Daredevil in PvP to see if I can find a well-rounded build that I use. I haven’t really taken PvP seriously, but I can still put together a build that I believe that may work.

The caveat is, a support team member is required, preferably a Druid.

These builds are not meant to be used in solo/roaming play style.

I’ve taken two different approaches, High Physical/High Crit and Condition based.

High Physical High Crit: Jumping Jack

The idea of this build is to pick a group fight and deal a lot of AoE damage by alternating the use of Bound and Vault. The high crit AoE damage can apply pressure to all opponents especially on their support. I chose a Druid as a support only because they can deal AoE damage and give AoE heals. They also have a lot of area control when built correctly.

Preferred Druid build: Spirit Link

With the High Crit DD and a support Druid, this team combination theoretically will be very formidable in taking and keeping a node.

The condition based DD is something I have not finalized because I’m still torn on which weapon set to use. If I take D/D, then the obvious choice for GM is lotus training. However if I take P/D, then I have to take Dash as the GM, then drop Acro for Trickery.

I like the playstyle of D/D and I really don’t like P/D so I’ll keep working on this build.

Here’s what I got so far: White Lotus

Author: Enzovic

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