GW2 – November 26 Update

This update brought a lot of grief to a lot of players. First of all, there are problems with the new fractals, then the release a knock-off of human tier 3 cultural armor in the Gem store, and then they have the “communistic” oath marketing idea. I mean why do they care so much? A game company will do what they think is good for the game whether we like it or not. So let’s save ourselves from going crazy because nothing will convince Anet — Anet only listens to Anet.

On the other hand, I want to point out some nice changes, and a bad one, on the Thief.

EDIT: You can find the full update here.

First the bad one;

Basilisk Venom: This stun will now apply after a strike, instead of on a strike, to prevent crowd-control attacks (like Headshot) from overriding the stun.

The target of my Unload will be able to dodge roll half of my hit before they get stunned by the venom. Exactly what I wanted (sarcasm).

This is the kinda of stupid shit I hate about Anet’s balance team. There may be merit on their decision, but this is just horrible and not well thought off.

Acrobatics Fleet of Foot: The conditions will now be removed at the beginning of the dodge roll instead of at the end. This trait will now only go on cooldown when crippled or weakness is removed.

This is actually a good update to the trait, however it would be nice if we get a visual cue when this is out of cooldown to be used tactically.

Deadly Arts Potent Poison: Updated the thief skills that caused poison to reflect the extended duration that this trait applies.

So — they mean to say that this shit have been non-functional for over a year now. Gah! Anet always know how to piss people off. I guess we should be grateful that it’s fixed, but I mean come on — after a year? That’s just beyond ridiculous.

Author: Enzovic

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