GW2 – Thief – Ideal Condition Damage Build

A condition damage build is the most boring build in my opinion. However, we are forced to run this horrible build, especially this upcoming December 10 update, due to the nerfs in our survivability in close combat. I am currently evaluating a condition damage build that I can use in both PvE and WvW.

Here is the ideal build (Dire Set):

However, the acquisition of a full Dire set requires a lot of dedications since you can only find these pieces in the dungeons.

Since I neither have the time nor the patience to grind for Dire pieces in the dungeons, I will simply purchase these pieces off the trading post or settle into a much cheaper alternative — Carrion set.


The reason I find this build boring is because I’ll have to autoattack most of the time to maintain a healthy stack of bleeding.

To spice things up, I’ve combined a typical condition damage build with some playful stealth skills. This way, I can come up close and personal with my target and still remain in control of combat. One thing I need to pay attention to is the proc of Pain Response so that I won’t be doubling my condition removal with my healing skill.

In stealth, I would switch up to my shortbow and spread Choking Gas for poison fields and to force my target to waste their dodge rolls. Once they have dodged twice in a row, they are easy picking for my CnD or Shadow Strike.

The main focus of this build is to stack conditions while being hard to catch just to make it less boring.

Fun Combos

Steal -> CnD -> Sneakattack -> Shadow Strike
Steal -> Bodyshot -> Caltrops -> Shadow Strike
Bodyshot -> CnD -> Sneakattack -> Shadow Strike
Dodge -> Shadow Strike -> Steal -> CnD -> Sneakattack

Author: Enzovic

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