GW2 – the Abolishment of Venom Aura

I just realize today when someone was arguing in the GW2 forum using their forum posts that I have posted something about VA before. So after some digging, I am right.

It seems like they look at my post, ran some tests, then agreed with me. I cannot prove that ArenaNet is actually reading my blog posts, but I’m just glad that in this case, we see things from the same perspective. Looking forward seeing more appropriate balance tweaks in the future.

Here is my post dated April 28, 2016:

Shadow Arts

  • Leeching Venom – Reduced Venom CD by 20%
  • Venom Aura – remove venom CD reduction

Removing the CD reduction from VA and adding it to Leeching Venom will allow venom users to benefit from it without being pigeon holed into taking VA. Adding the CDR to VA was a bad idea to begin with and the only reason the developer did this is because they want to make VA more appealing since honestly, it’s not a very good trait. Aura has no place in the Thief profession and if they want the Thief to share the venom effect, then they can just make it baseline to all venom and delete VA.

That’s exactly what they did in this patch.

Author: Enzovic

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