Diversity Hiring is Racist

Looking at what’s happening with the Mass Effect: Andromeda is proof that talent should not be passed up because your company doesn’t have enough colors in their development team. Well fuck that shit and who the hell cares? What pays your bills is the product you produce and if it gamers will actually buy them.

As evidence with the recent Mass Effect, it seems that BioWare needs to take a hard look in the mirror and make a reasonable decision if they want to keep going in this direction. I own Dragon Age Origin, Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age Inquisition, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 because to me, these are well-made games. I even played many hours of Star Wars the Old Republic because BioWare, despite EA, made me a believer that they are a company who will not allow anything to influence the quality of their game. So what the hell happen to BioWare with Andromeda?

First of all, everyone can see that Andromeda is not a finished product. Whatever is going on with BioWare is affecting the quality of their game. I can understand small bugs here and there, but Andromeda is a game that looks like have been sabotaged from within the company. This is not caused by an oversight or things that fell through the cracks, it’s caused by total neglect or malicious intent. Which leads to my next point.

I’ve read reports that BioWare had hired an individual who went into an anti-White rant in Tweeter and was recently released by the company. However, according to the report, gamers are responding by canceling their pre-order en masse. The “mass effect”, pun intended, resulted in a very low sale numbers and low approval rating. Metacritic gives it a 75 score while Mass Effect 3 score sits at 93. Not to mention, users’ score is a low 4.4 — that’s not good. From the employee review in GlassDoor, one of the cons is “SJW” which means, the company hired based on diversity instead of talent — the result of that bad decision is all over YouTube. Bad animations, bad writing, bad voice acting, and so on.

I have nothing against diversity but talent should be a higher priority. BioWare made a mistake here and it’s a big one. There’s even a report that due to SJW within the company that gamers can’t even make a fair skinned character that BioWare has to issue a patch to fix this. What the hell BioWare? Your fear of being called a racist muted you of your right of free speech?

I saw the previews of this game and right of the bat I’ve decided not to buy it. This is why I created this blogsite is to express my frustration on developers who spends a lot of their time and money only to sell crap at $60 a piece. Now if BioWare really cares about their player base, they will a noble thing by stop selling this piece of crap and remake it from the ground up — just like what SquareEnix did for FFXIV. If BioWare failed to control this damage, this will hurt their future titles because this is a deal breaker to a lot of gamers.

I was already having doubts when I purchased Dragon Age: Inquisition because even though the game is really good, the character models are bugging me every time I try to play it. There’s a level of neglect in some of the character design that it’s hard to play it for a prolonged time. Now looking at Andromeda, I choose not to go through that experience again. It’s really sad to see from my perspective that BioWare’s games have peaked at Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2, then it just went downhill from there. I don’t know how would they recover from this if they choose to keep SJWs among their ranks. Diversity hiring is racist because it is a reverse discrimination against non-minority. Let’s be honest, less politics makes great games, am I right?

Author: Enzovic

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