GW2: Deadeye Preview Weekend

I tested the Deadeye over the preview weekend and also other professions. I’m now convinced why Deadeye is a huge mistake based on its current Elite specs.

First of all, Deadeye gets rid of Steal by replacing it with the Deadeye’s Mark (DM). DM is 15% damage boost at max stacks (3% per stack up to 5 stacks). Using P/P or D/D, the Thief can reach the max rather quickly with a single skill from their weapon set. Not to mention, when using P/P, Unload also stacks Might at the same time literally dealing massive damage in a short amount of time. Unlike Might, DM cannot be removed by the Thief’s marked target as long as the Thief is dealing damage to them until they die. Then there’s Maleficent Seven which increases the malice stack to 7 which increases the max damage boost from 15% to 21%.

Second, P/P now have access to stealth thanks to Shadow Meld. As P/P user, I can stealth, mark, Stealth Attack, Unload, then Shadow Meld, Stealth Attack, Unload then Shadow Meld again, Stealth Attack, Unload…then wait 45 minutes for Shadow Meld…or keep the combo going with other stealth skill. This is beyond bonkers. I love the concept around Shadow Arts but this is just too much damage evasion. Now for the worst part, imagine D/D…I thought about it and abused it — it was very OP and was not fun at all.

Now here’s the game breaking ability that put this Elite Spec over the edge — Iron Sight (marked target deals 15% less damage) couple that with Rending Shade (reduce damage by 10%) then this Shadow Meld combo turns the Thief into a Shadow god. Not only De can deal an insane amount of damage, they are not easily killed. I can appreciate this as a PvE player, but I feel sorry for the PvP players.

So what build did I use?

Weapon set: P/P and D/D
Heal: Withdraw
Utility: Shadow Gust – Roll For Initiative – Blinding Powder
Elite: Shadow Meld
DA: Trapper’s Respite – Revealed Training – Executioner
SA: Sadow’s Embrace – Hidden Thief – Rending Shadow
DE: Iron Sight – Unforgiving – Maleficent Seven

Now this is not very optimized, it’s just something I put together rather quickly but it’s already paying off. Well, I know it’s relative to what other players have built and how well they play their new Elite spec. However, since we’re all new to our own specs, I’ll say it’s fair to kick their ass while not seeing who hit them and as usual, my most hated adversary is the Mesmer. It was a short weekend and I didn’t really stay on the Thief since I also want to see what other professions have. Elementalist has a rather interesting, yet confusing, attunement manipulation feature. I didn’t like it that much but the Mesmer’s Mirage spec is just like playing an Arcane Thief — confusions and interrupts were things I wanted the Thief to do. As usual, ArenaNet found the spec suits the Mesmer instead. This might even force me to play my Mesmer as my main.

Lastly, the awful Rifle. I hate it. It’s not fun. The kneeling concept is dumb. Skill #5 does nothing other than converting the Thief to a skinny duck laying a huge egg — yes my Thief cannot move out of the kneeling position, it’s so stupid. The only way to get out of the kneeling position is if I get disabled, swap weapon, or press skill #5 again. It’s too clunky. They could at least allow slow movement while kneeling. Since I’m a seasoned Thief, I get out of the kneeling position by swapping to my P/P so it’s not that bad. However, swapping has a 10s cooldown so this cannot be used all the time. Now don’t get me wrong about the stupidity of the kneeling feature because despite its clunkiness, it’s a very powerful weapon. Death’s Judgment is very devastating skill granting 15% damage boost per stack of malice on top of malice damage boost stack and other damage boost stacks — yes, it’s a crazy skill. I can go Unload up to 15-20 Might, then swap to Rifle, kneel and execute — gg — QQ — all salty tears this way. Will DE and the Rifle get nerf? I’m counting on it, but I’ll be surprised and happy if they keep it as is, at least for a while.

Now on an important matter, Stardew Valley is a very addicting game — you have been warned.

Author: Enzovic

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