My Thief PvE Build

I still use the same 25/30/15 build but I have made some tweaks on my gears. The sad fate of S/D has come to an end and I am again using the un-fun D/D + P/P. Although, S/D may still be viable but rhythm is all messed up that it’s frustrating to use.

Anyway, this is the build I’m running currently;

This one has better survivability but a slightly lower power. You can change the utility skills if you like, but the ones I’ve chosen gives me a lot of control over many targets. Scorpion Wire is a great interrupt vs channeled skills and long casting time skills. Caltrops is not a source of damage, it is my utility for crowd control. Instead of taking a stun breaker, I picked Signet of Shadows since it has a wide variety of uses.

Hope this helps.

Author: Enzovic

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