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It is a testament that I no longer care enough about this game to only find out today that about a news that happened 3 months ago. It’s funny to think that it’s been that long since I’ve completely stop following GW2’s updates.

Apparently, Kate Welch and Martin Kersten left ArenaNet back in August. I know Kate from her YouTube channel and as the host of GW2’s Point of Interest and Martin pops in to the GW2 forum once in a while.

This came to my attention because Jonathan Sharp, the champion of Necromancers (wish there was one for the Thieves), left ArenaNet too last month.

Not to mention two out of three founders left ArenaNet even before GW2 was released, Kekai Kotaki left 2012, and Allie Mudock and Robert Hrouda left last year. I don’t want to speculate about a slippery slope, but damn.

I’m sad to see that those who are good for GW2 are leaving and those who deserve to leave are staying, but I am that Kate would no be part of the company who let their flag ship sinks. This tells me that the future of GW2 is not very bright.

There’s so much potential with GW2 that it really angers me to see the game to fall apart. Their only saving grace is to expand to more territories but it seems like the expansion in China is causing a lot of issues.

All I want to say is that, it’s good for them to pick up their moral sense, that they’ve set aside in order to keep their job, before they become corrupted. I’m sure that Kate will do well without ArenaNet and maybe go back to reviewing other games again. 🙂

Author: Enzovic

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