Overwatch: Doomfist is stupid

My opinion has nothing to do with the character, in fact, I think he got a very good and interesting back story and he looked awesome in the reveal comic video — however, when I look at his skill load out I’m stunned and I can’t help but to facepalm.

First and foremost, I hate the skill Hand Cannon. It only has 4 bullets and I can’t reload. Instead, I have to wait for it to recharge. This is the kind of skill that was not well thought off and it seems like it’s just added there just because. It’s dumb and it’s useless. For this skill slot, I would give him the ability to slow people down. They could have given him a Symmetra turret, but a drone instead, that he can release towards one direction. It will function like Symmetra’s shield, but a turret attacking everything in its path within its firing range. This turret deals small damage but it slows the movement of the target, much like how Symmetra’s turrets slow their target. This ability would work in both offensive and defensive role instead of being so one dimensional. If he has this ability instead of the hand cannon, it would make sense to only have 4 ammo and recharge time instead of reloading.

Second, Rocket Punch. This skill is so uncreative and it seems lazily implemented. This skill looks good on paper and probably against slow heroes, but in no way he can keep up with other Offense heroes. Let me break it down. After Rising Uppercut, Doomfist will charge his Rocket Punch for a combo to only find Tracer a mile away. Here’s the list of offensive heroes that can break this combo; Tracer, Genji, Pharah, McCree, Reaper, Sombra, and S:76 — oh look, all of them. In fact, even Doomfist can break this combo. So in reality, this skill is nothing but a shove that Lucio can do in an instant without charging. What would make this skill slot more useful is if it is a grab then a push with a stun if pushed against a wall. Changing this to a grab would still work in the combo but its primary purpose is to grab fast heroes like Tracer and Genji then slam them into a wall — or grab them after the Rising Uppercut then slam them to the ground. With my suggestion of a drone turret that slows heroes down, plus this grab and slam skill, Doomfist can be a formidable presence in a game in both defensive and offensive role.

Third, he is not an offensive hero. He is more like a defense if not a tank. I know that Blizzard just added a tank, that is Orisa, so Doomfist fits more as a Defense hero than an offensive. If I look at the list of offensive heroes, they all have one thing in common, they have a way to manipulate movements — meaning they are very capable in infiltration and attacking behind enemy line. Doomfist has no ability for infiltration nor he has the ability to escape. Plus he is too slow to be an offensive hero — he’s basically like Mei — a defense hero that can be used as offensive when played correctly. He is a support at best which is perfect for a Defense role.

Lastly — what the fuck is Meteor Strike? Ok fine, it looks cool, but it is not the most effective ultimate skill. If I compare that to D.Va’s ult, Doomfist’s ult is so fucking stupid. It’s basically D.Va’s ult but weaker — extremely weaker. D.Va’s ult deals 1000 damage in a 20m radius — Doomfist’s ult deals 0-300 damage in a 7m radius and D.Va is not even an offensive hero. So, what the fuck is this? Not only that D.Va has a shorter recharge (1375 vs. 1500), she can also speed up the charge due to her unlimited ammo. Genji’s ult deals 120 per swing for 8 seconds which effectively out damages Doomfist’s ult in 3 swings. Tracer’s Pulse Bomb deals 400 unconditional damage albeit shorter radius. Meteor Strike deals 300 from the center and lower damage the farther the target is from the center. This is a knockoff and poorly implemented skill from Heroes of the Storm Johanna’s ult — very uncreative. Doomfist knows African martial arts, yet we don’t see any hint of it in his skill set. Instead, they made him a boring boxer who knows nothing but punch things.

Here’s some suggestions. Seismic Slam could have a kick animation in addition to its current animation that targets the ankles or knees making the enemy fall forward which is a good setup for the Rising Uppercut — just to add flavor to his character to show that he actually knows martial arts. Rising Uppercut could have an animation where he spins, much like Ryu’s dragon punch, but it has to flow smoothly for the Rocket Grab and Punch skill. His ult can be a 2 parts skill; first he spins around in an AoE cleave, then he jumps towards his target dealing AoE damage with a 2 second animation time to complete the move. His ult doesn’t have to do the stupid steering, it can just function similar to my Dragoon’s jump — quick and efficient.

I hate the fact that Doomfist being such a cool character is nothing but a stupid iteration of the most cliche and uncreative design — it’s so stupid. The worst part is that they will release him with this stupid loadout and players will just have to deal with it as always. Yeah, yeah, they will tweak and balance him, but his current iteration is nothing to be excited about.

Author: Enzovic

2 thoughts on “Overwatch: Doomfist is stupid

  1. I’m sorry but I can’t not tell you how stupid you are. A turret?! As a primary fire! HA!, Honestly Fist is in his name he’s basically a melee character. They added four shots in case he ran out of abilities, So unless you’re just bad with him he works perfectly.

    1. Fist is in his name yet he shoot bullets from his knuckles? Good job contradicting yourself.

      Anyway, Thank you for the comment.

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