So far…utterly disappointed.

Just like everyone else, I’m more excited to the fact that this Scarlet stupid fiasco is coming to an end rather than getting excited on what else ArenaNet is going to come up with. The four releases of 2014 suppose to answer some questions, instead it feels like the “answers” were rushed in to simply silence the complainers to only backfire with more complaints. These suppose answer did not connect the plot at all and it is perceived to be a rush solution to their problem. Example, what’s the point of trying to infiltrate the Captain’s Council during the Dragon Bash if Scarlet is going to destroy Lion’s Arch anyway? Was the initial plan is to persuade the council to give Scarlet a permission to drill? What a joke! I’m more and more skeptic about this coming last and final chapter of the Scarlet saga.

Other than the stupidity of the Living Story, the ArenaNet art department never disappoint. They’ve released a new set of beautiful armor called Zodiac Armor in the Gem Store.

I hate to pour-in more money into this game anymore due to the grief that is the Living Story, but at the same time I hate not to support the great people in the art department. Relationship with ArenaNet is very complicated. I’m just waiting for them to wake up from their drunken stupor and accept the reality of what the Living Story have brought. I’m still hopeful that they realize that the money coming in from the purchase of items from the Gem Store is NOT a direct support to the direction of the game. Someone please pour them a bucket of cold water, I really hate for this game to fail.

Author: Enzovic

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