FFXIV: What a pain in the queue

A few days ago my Overwatch skill rating tanked at 1634 where I kept on losing my games. After that day, I’ve won more than I’ve lost and my skill rating just kept going up from then on. With the ridiculous login queue time in FFXIV, it gave me a lot of time to get my skill rating up.

Yesterday, I have to wait 3 hours in the queue just so I can play FFXIV. Three fucking hours. So instead of staring at the 3500 queue time that never goes down, I started browsing YouTube and Netflix. Postmodern Jukebox has a new song out so I watched it and enjoyed their 60s style rendition of Shaggy’s song, “It wasn’t me”. Then I saw that Agents of SHIELD season 4 is out but I need something funny and ridiculous so I started watching the 2nd season of Supergirl.

Supergirl never disappoints when it comes to their ridiculous Social Justice Warrior agenda. However, even though they filled every episode with SJW message, it was not made to offend. I was rolling my eyes when they made Alex gay and when they made Mon-El this half-gay man who is Kara’s boyfriend who acts like her girlfriend –it’s really weird. Then the more I watch the more I enjoy it. I see the SJW messages and I know that they want to rub it on my face but their approach is not to offend but to educate. Now, my personal belief does not agree with many of the character’s choices and none of them represents me nor there’s anyone I can relate to. However, I can accept that there are people who will do things I will never understand, so there’s no point of dwelling on it. After a couple of episodes, I got bored and started watching Agents of SHIELD.

The season 4 of Agents of SHIELD took so long to get on Netflix, or at least it felt that way. The show left a big cliffhanger at the end of season 3 that it took a whole year just to see the next season episodes. Season 4 of AoS started with the introduction of Ghost Rider, who now drives a car and is a Latino — there’s no running away for SJW agenda. The only Ghost Rider I know is Johnny Blaze and Robbie Reyes is new to me. Ok, fine, you change the vessel of the spirit of vengeance but where are the iconic Harley motorcycle and the chains? I paused the first episode and started Googling “Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes” and there it is, this character is Marvel canon. He actually looks cool in the comics dual-wielding shortswords and chain — yes, the chain still exists. Anyway, I went back and finished the first couple episodes and I’m still at 2400 in the queue. *Sigh* Time to play Overwatch.

I am not a big fan of Overwatch skill rating system and the competitive area is very toxic sometimes. The other day, I played with a person who can’t just shut up being racist. He kept of bashing American and the rest of the team just can’t focus. I can tell because a few member is starting to throw the game. So to make a statement without saying a word, I blocked the toxic person from the team chat. The rest of the team mocked him, which boosts the team’s morale, then we won the game coming from a 2 points deficit. I didn’t allow that person’s toxicity to ruin my game so I’ve been playing competitive ever since. My favorite team is when team members do not tell other team members what to pick or how to play the game. Every time someone trying to be the “know-it-all” person, the team loses morale and we lose. When the team members allow other team members to pick whoever they want, we win most of the time. So far, 9 out of 10, my season 4 competitive experience is very positive. I’m simply having a blast with Mei, Reaper, and Orisa. A couple of games later, I’m still in the lobby with 650 players ahead of me trying to get into FFXIV. Since the queue is now below 1000, I didn’t want to risk it by playing another game. So I quickly browse the Steam Summer Sale, did my routine exercise and refilled my drinks and I’m still at 250 in the queue. By the time I actually got in, it’s a little over 9PM and I was in the queue at 6PM. I’m already getting tired by this time but I have a lot of things to do in the game so I played as much as I can before bedtime.

So far I’m not liking the story of Stormblood only because the main boss kept on showing off how powerful he is. Some of the main characters are also being stupid and doing reckless acts only to be proven foolish. They overestimate their abilities and underestimates the enemy. Yugiri, for instance, jumps into the fray without intel about the enemy. I mean come on, the developer made her a Shinobi and in that point of the game, she suddenly forgets all her training? I don’t buy it — whatever. The main boss is like One Punch Man went evil always looking for someone to give him a good fight because he is so strong. He knew that we’re trying to rekindle the rebellion yet he spared us every fucking time — it’s getting really stupid. I stepped back and look at the screen and thought to myself, “Is this the game I waited 3 hours in queue for?” I logged off from FFXIV and started watching Supergirl again and found out that Mon-El is actually the prince. Finally, something more interesting without the 3 hours wait. I decided last night that if the FFXIV login queue is more than 100, I’m doing something else.

Author: Enzovic

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