Scarlet Aftermath

As expected based on the last three update prior to the final battle, it’s nothing special. Sure we killed Scarlet, but because she single-handedly took on the brilliance, might, and resourcefulness of the three Orders and the Pact all by herself, gives us a glimpse on the future of GW2 – utterly disastrous.

Let’s be serious here for a minute. In the personal story, the Pact built the biggest airship with the biggest gun ever to kill an Elder Dragon. With that ingenuity and technological advancement, somehow, Scarlet topped them off with a kaka-meme floating drill — SERIOUSLY Anet?

Arena Net wants us to accept this blatant insult to our intelligence that after a year of tinkering and diverting from the Elder Dragons that this is their brilliant idea they call “living story.” Did they have some short-term memory loss that they forgot what weapon they’ve provided us to take down an Elder Dragon? A similar weapon is used to take out Tequatl, yet no one ever thought about using the same weapon to take out the giant drill that we can hit from a thousand yards with our eyes closed.

There’s a lot of brilliant writers in Arena Net yet this is the story they come up with. Whatever happen to the reiteration process, nobody knows. Did they have forgotten that process also?

They should go back to story book missions just like what they did in GW1’s bonus mission pack to at least build up the new characters to keep players from leaving this god awful game. As for now, I’m tired of logging in just to grind for my legendary. I need a good story and it seems that Arena Net is no longer capable to deliver a good story that they are now fishing ideas from the players through their CDI process. If the ideas are coming from the players, they there’s no value on those ideas because why do we even bother to pay for the writers if they cannot come up with a good story?

In the mean time, I find the stories in SWTOR more appealing even if I have to pay for a monthly payment.

Author: Enzovic

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