FFXIV – Anima Weapon (Stage 2)

The dungeon grind is finally over and the scavenger hunt begins. The requirements to improve the weapon from Awoken to Anima is fairly simple. Just gather 4 items; Enchanted Rubber, Fast-drying Carboncoat, Divine Water, and Fast-acting Allagan Catalyst. Simple, only 4 items but Christiana wants a lot of things in exchange for each item. I found out that will be a huge grind so I decided to just kill Christiana and loot her for the items I need.

Just kidding. It won’t be that easy. If she’s carrying around these rare magical items, I’m certain that she has the power to protect her wares and if I attempt to mug her, I’m afraid she might just obliterate me out of existence. So yeah, I’m not going to take that chance. The items she wants are not even hard to get, just requires a lot of time to gather. For instance, she wants 10 Unidentifiable Bone and 4 Adamantite Francesca in exchange for the Enchanted Rubber. To get one Unidentifiable Bone, I’ll have to exchange 6 Vanu Vanu tokens (or other beastman token) which mean, I need to grind these beastman dailies until I get 60 tokens. To get all 4 items, I’ll need 240 tokens. Since the beastman only give 3 quests a day, it will take me 80 days to gather all the tokens I need — now that’s a long time grind. However, I’ve been doing the Vanu Vanu quest for a while now and I just unlocked 3 more daily quests which cut the number of days in half. The only bad part is, it seems that they are only giving me 3 quests at a time and each group of 3 quests are on different reset time? I’ll have to verify that later today because I only got 3 quests yesterday.

Now to further reduce the number of days I have to grind, I also started the Vath beastman quest which unlocked another 3 daily quests. So if I do 6 quests from Vanu Vanu and 3 quests in Vath, I can cut my grind days to roughly 27 days — that means I’ll be done in a month…not too bad. I also intend to check out what quests I can gather from the Sylphs and the Sahagins since they only require 3 tokens in exchange to 1 Unidentifiable Bone. These are all nice and dandy, but there’s a catch — I can only do 12 daily quests in a day so, I need to carefully plan this. Unlocking the other 3 quests from the Vaths will take a while so I’ll only be getting 3 tokens a day from them. So to maximize the 12 tokens per day, I need to find out the rate of token acquisition for the Sylphs and the Sahagins. If I’ll only get 1 token a day, that means it will take me 3 days to get 1 Unidentifiable Bone. It won’t be worth the time investment compare to the Vanu Vanu quests, but it’s still an extra bone every 3 days I guess — hopefully it’s not this bad. The good thing about all these is the fact that I can do these dailies with my other jobs — my Summoner is now level 59 so I can do the Vanu Vanu and the Vath dailies until I reach level 60. The Sylph and the Sahagin quests are level 40-ish quests so I can complete those with my Ninja.

So here’s the run down; I need 40 token all together to get all the 4 items and I’ve divided the number of tokens I’ll get from each beastman tribe. So in roughly 19 days, assuming that the Sylphs and the Sahagings only give 1 token per day, I can collect all 40 tokens. Now here’s the breakdown;

Vanu Vanu – 6 tokens/day – 114 tokens after 19 days – 19 Unidentifiable Bone
Vath – 3 tokens/day – 54 tokens after 18 days – 9 Unidentifiable Bone
Sylph – 1 token/day – 18 tokens after 18 days – 6 Unidentifiable Bone
Sahagin – 1 token/day – 18 tokens after 18 days – 6 Unidentifiable Bone

19 + 9 + 6 + 6 = 40 Unidentifiable Bone

I don’t really need 40 Unidentifiable Bone, I only need 10. The requirement for the other items requires the same amount of tokens and to simplify my analysis, I used the Unidentifiable Bone. So for the Vanu Vanu tokens, I’ll have a total of 114 tokens which means I can use 60 tokens to purchase 10 Unidentifiable Bone and 54 tokens to purchase 9 Unidentifiable Shell. I can then use 6 Vath tokens to purchase the last Unidentifiable Shell. The remaining 48 Vath tokens will be used to purchase 8 Unidentifiable Ore, then I’ll use 6 Sylph tokens out of 18 to purchase the rest of the Unidentifiable Ore. So I’ll have 12 Sylph tokens and 18 Sahagin tokens left which then I’ll use to purchase 4 Unidentifiable Seeds and 6 Unidentifiable Seeds, respectively. Here’s the breakdown;

10 Unidentifiable Bone = 60 Vanu Vanu tokens
10 Unidentifiable Shell = 54 Vanu Vanu tokens + 6 Vath tokens
10 Unidentifiable Ore = 48 Vath tokens + 6 Sylph tokes
10 Unidentifiable Seeds = 12 Sylph tokens + 18 Sahagin tokens

Now that the plan to gather these materials are set, time to look at the other half of the exchange. I’ll need 4 of each; Adamantite Francesca, Titanium Alloy Mirror, Dispelling Arrow, and Kingcake. Adamantite Francesca was cheap so I purchased all 4 from the Market board last night. As for the other exchange requirements, I have not queried for them last night so I have no idea if they are even affordable. When I saw the Dispelling Arrow, I am motivated to craft that myself but it requires Clusters and I have no idea where to get those. My Botanist is now level 56 so maybe when I reach level 60 I’ll have the ability to gather Clusters. So to craft the arrows myself, I need to level up my Botanist and my Carpenter to level 60. I looked at the ingredients for the arrow and it looks like fun, however I need 4 of these, one arrow looks like fun but making all 4 is a bank breaker. Then again, if there’s no profit in making this, I won’t even see it on the market board. My dilemma is that the Clusters are worth a lot of Gils right now, especially Wind Cluster. I need to do some more research to evaluate if making these arrows myself is cost effective. If not, I’ll gladly pay for someone else to make it for me.

That’s the plan for the next 19 days to get Rhongomiant for my Dragoon. Whether I would bother getting the Anima Weapons for my Summoner or Ninja, I’ll need to be drunk, crazy, or bored — or all three since I don’t think I can go through another FATE farming. If I can skip the FATE farming part, I wouldn’t mind doing all these all over again only because that Ninja dagger, Kannagi, looks sweet, they look like shortswords. The ultimate goal here is to get the iLevel 230 Hyperconductive Rhongomiant and maybe the Hyperconductive Draconomicon also for my Summoner. The Ninja Hyperconductive Kannagi is not that impressive since the special effect hides the awesome details of the daggers. I can always reskin is I suppose, but it would have to be less priority. Well, anyway, it looks like I have a solid plan and I’ll execute it starting tonight.

Author: Enzovic

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