FFXIV – Financially Broke

I’m on my last dungeon requirement, The Vault, to finally complete the stage 2 of the Anima weapon. However, waiting in queue for more than 45 minutes got me so bored and decided to level my Botanist and finally get some money. Well, it didn’t really turn out as expected.

The idea of leveling my Botanist is so I can earn Gils to replenished my empty bank account — I’m down to 2,000 gil, it’s pathetic. I didn’t realize that when my Botanist hit level 50 that my whole gear are severely outdated. The requirements to even do something decent is to have 450 gathering and 600 GP. After spending 300k to gear up, I manage to get 350 gathering and 530 GP — only after hitting level 53 that I managed to break gathering 400, but my GP is not high enough. I’m broke and I need new gears — dilemma, dilemma. It was a bit frustrating too because the way gathering works between 50 – 60 is to run around several maps gathering unspoiled vegetations which only happen every 12hrs Eorzea Time (roughly every 35 minutes). Thanks to the ffxivguild.com’ Botanist Guide because the in-game instructions are no help at all. The Botanist GM sent me to Camp Cloudtop and the quest ends there and I was at a loss on what to do next. I’m not really hopeless since I remember that there was a gatherer quest in The Foundation for level 50 gatherer — which coincidentally it’s the very thing that the Guide mentioned to do first.

The quest from The Foundation sent me back to Mor Dhona and was introduced to the collectors. Now I’m getting somewhere. I’ve consulted the Guide and it says that I should get to level 51 and the fastest way is to run Leves from The Foundation. The constant back and forth between The Foundation and Falcon’s Nest got tiring after a while so I decided to just stay in Falcon’s Nest for a while and gather Cedar Log collection. After having several collections in my inventory, I went to Mor Dhona to turn them in. Without realizing it, I hit level 52 then after the turn ins, I hit level 53 — holy shit, this is fast leveling. I was ecstatic only to find out that the faster I level, the faster my gear gets obsolete and the turn-ins don’t give any gils…that’s frustrated me a bit because I was looking forward at actually making a lot of Gils. So I stopped gathering and went to the market board and research on what material people want to buy. The competition at the high level is fierce which drove the price so cheap that it’s not even worth doing at all. So I checked the mid-level materials and lo and behold, I found my “gold mine”. I was too tired already last night but I have a game plan for tonight on how to refill my coffer again. I also need to get my retainers to a higher level so they can help me supply the highly needed materials.

I’ll recheck the market again tonight before I set out to make sure that the materials I’ll gather are still in high demand. The market has been fluctuating a lot lately and I’ve noticed a surge of players in my server probably due to the fact that WoW, GW2, and SWTOR are now boring to play. Anyway, I just found out last night that I can view my sales history and how much they sold for. This way I can gather the materials based on my sales history just to give my gathering venture variety — making it less boring. Also, those Timeworn maps sell for 8k a pop so it’s a really good bonus when they show up. I’ll allocate my time to gathering for a while since killing mobs gets boring when done too often. I’m still going to do the Guildhest rotation and all the Guildhest since the daily rewards are the fastest way to get Gils — I can queue for those while gathering. The third stage of the Anima Weapon requires a lot of beast tribe token so I might explore that and see if they will generate cash worth of my time. Soon enough, I’ll get my bank account filled up again — first, I need to stop spending that’s why I decided to supply mid-level materials instead of the high-end one. Hopefully the market didn’t fluctuate that much so there’s still profit to be made for me.

Author: Enzovic

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