Bolt – The First Legendary

I’ve decided last night that since there’s nothing interesting going on in the world of Tyria that I will start building my first legendary weapon. I’ve always like the animation of Bolt so I’ve created a spreadsheet to calculate the cost of building one.

Here’s the list;
1x Zap
1x Gift of Bolt
1x Gift of Fortune
1x Gift of Mastery

Total Cost (as of 2/4/2014):
1,872g 77s 64c
500 Ascalonian Tears
500 Badges of Honor
686,700 Karma
247 Skill Points
1 World Completion

Running Trading Post Price (as of 2/4/2014):
3099g 99s 98c

As you can see, the Trading Post selling price is ridiculously overpriced. However, knowing how painful it is to create Mystic Clovers, I say I don’t blame the seller.

Starting last night, I’m saving up money to purchase Zap from the Auction House. As of last night (2/4/2014), the asking price is 745g 89s 98c, so for now I’m selling everything including tier-3 materials to get that much money. Since tier-3 materials are obtainable using Laurels, I’ll sell them for now.

I already have World Completion and about 200 skill points on my Thief. Counting my my alts, I have well over 247 skill points. As for karma, I have more than 500,000, but I’m not entirely sure right now since I forgot to write it down and I’m not at home. As for Badges of Honor, I currently have 300 so running around with the new Edge of the Mist map will surely get me to 500 badges.

So, my only real concern is gold and the Ascalonian Tears. I’ve calculated that if I can make an average of 25g per day that in 30-days I will have 750g. Due to my crazy schedule, 30-days doesn’t translate into one month. In that regards, it will be a looong journey to get my hand on Bolt.

To see what Bolt is all about, please visit the following links:

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Author: Enzovic

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