Scarlet Theory

Here’s a couple of theories I shared in the GW2 forum;

Right now, she is perceived to be insane and delusional, and that’s a really bad character building if she turns out to be the one trying to save Tyria — only misunderstood because of her radical ways.


Scarlet sounds like someone who had a good intention (saving Tyria) using bad method (burning it? or watch it burn?).

All these alliances are her way to test the Pact if they can really handle the dragons, because if they fail on stopping her, then she’s the last hope of Tyria. However if the Pact beat her, then she has fulfilled her purpose on testing the conviction and strength of the Pact.

These whole thing bears resemblance to Laxos trying to make that Fairy Tail guild stronger. cliche.


Author: Enzovic

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