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Mark Rosewater at Making Magic in Magic the Gathering website has a new article concerning the design process behind Wizards of the Coasts’ latest Magic release: Theros

What I like about reading Mark’s column is the in-depth explanation on what wen on with the design process and how decisions are made coming from different departments within the company. He also covers a lot of the mistake they have made and how they handled it in the past; also how they are implementing a process not to make the same mistake in the future. The communication between the teams are incredible and the leadership on making the right decisions are commendable. This is the best source where I gather insights on what works and does not work in a design process since they practically have thought is all.

Mark currently have 4 Design guides he numbered 101-104 that lists a lot of things that a game designer, in any genre, should at least read and comprehend. They may not be 100% applicable, but there are many aspect of the article that are useable to any design process. Enjoy.

  • Design 101
  • Design 102
  • Design 103
  • Design 104
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