Infracted – 09/02/2013

This one is a toss-up and I don’t mind if the moderator finds it offensive. I was flirting too closely to being offensive and I’m not surprised.

Your post in Protecting Casuals vs. Punishing Bads was infracted by a moderator:


Yes, and in our daily lives we have a duty not to run red lights, to be orderly and not violent in public, to carry out our jobs as any reasonable member of our profession would. Do we not have a duty to not screw up other players’ in-game experiences with our incompetence?

Don’t look now but your own incompetence is showing.

There is no governing law that obligates players in game to follow. Compare that to running the red light and not disturbing peace.

You’re threading towards tyranny now.

Just because you bought the game, for example, doesn’t mean you have a right to violate the EULA or the in-game rules.

Just because you bought the game it doesn’t make you Emperor either.

Why should buying a game give you a right to be incompetent?

You tell me. You’re the one sounding incompetent here. So what gives you the right?

Does the fact that you shelled out some money mean you have carte blanche to be as stupid as you want? If so, then society is doomed.

It works for you. You may have a point, but your attitude is liken to someone with Extreme Religious belief believing that their belief is the only that matters.

I guess you are never taught what an unalieanable rights to “freedom” and “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” really means.

One thing I can agree with you; society really is doomed if what’s coming out of our school system have the same level of knowledge as what you have displayed in this thread.

I am more concern with your competence level in real life than your competence level in game.

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