Infracted – 08/01/2013

Ok this one I’m confused.

Your post in WE need culling back was infracted by a moderator:


So the responsible parties have been sacked is what you’re saying?

Shows how their “quality assurance” works by releasing unpolished content…oh wait, that’s the norm. >.<’ We shouldn’t be surprised.

Moderator Note:

Your post was rude and inflammatory. Please keep these forums a productive and friendly place by posting in a respectful tone.

This infraction serves only a warning. Additional infractions may award Infraction Points which can negatively affect your account. Infraction points may cause loss of privileges, including forum suspension.

Your message was deleted.

This is an automated message generated by an infraction given by a human moderator. If you believe you have received this infraction in error or wish to make an appeal, please send an e-mail to

Author: Enzovic

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