ArcheAge – Weekend Update

It is never acceptable to release a game that is incomplete nor it is acceptable to release a game without accounting for the number of players trying to login to the game that it creates queues larger than 1000. It was never fun waiting for a fix either since it drains excitements and people no longer would want to play.

ArcheAge unfortunately have suffered with buggy game and large queue, however unlike the other MMOs out there, they got the servers under control. For only 2 weeks, I am playing and enjoying the game. So last weekend is the best ArcheAge weekend I had and hopefully they continue on making this the best MMO experience.

I also took a lot of screenshots and I will be updating the gallery soon.

So I changed my build to Doomlord (BR/DEF/OCC) and this is the most balanced build yet. However, it lacks sustainability and it’s not capable of maintaining DPS for a prolonged period of time. The dungeons seems to be designed to be a quick run through than the typical boring prolonged meaningless fights that other MMOs have. So my build is still functional and effective in application.

I’ve elected to use a spear and shield wearing a Spartan style helmet…yes, boring right? But using a spear allowed me to really appreciated my build. In ArcheAge, every weapon has a hidden ability that has a small chance of triggering. For spears, it has a chance to completely ignore that target’s armor…that means, massive damage can be dealt on target when planets aligned (proc + crit + skill). The shield has a chance of blocking attacks, but I still have not figured out what’s the shield’s hidden ability is. As for the helmet, well, that’s just for show…it’s already 5 levels under-level so I might have to replace it. I also picked up this long red cloak to finish my Spartan style look. Shits and giggles.

Next month, I will be signing up for the Patron status and roll a couple more alts, one Assassin type and one a Caster type. I just reached level 33 last night and I believe level 55 is the max level…not really sure yet…too lazy to look it up.

So I’ll be online again tonight and will try to get to as high level as I can.

Author: Enzovic

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