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I just completed another play through over the weekend of Dragon Age 2 in preparation for Dragon Age Inquisition. Also in the same week ArenaNet has released the Season 2 patch “Gates of Maguuma”. I have to admit, I was really curious and it was a struggle to control the impulse. So before I waste my time with this new patch, which they will be selling to me if I don’t login (punishment for being absent), I read through all honest opinion about the patch. You can only find the honest opinion in the GW2 forum since all other articles are commissioned by ArenaNet to sugarcoat the experience. This is why live stream from Twitch is much better than edited videos in YouTube — but that’s for another time.

First, I want to address the thoughts and attitude of the developers in ArenaNet. In their first Point of Interest episode, Theo Nguyen sadistically laugh about the frustration of player when fighting about Liadri, which is a proof to my theory that ArenaNet developers are sadistics when it comes to boss encounter design. This train of sadistic thought can be seen in the design of the Canach fight, Mad King’s Clock Tower, Mai Trin fight, the Karka Queen, and many others. This sadistic design thoughts are not for the “fun” game that Colin Johanson keeps on repeating whenever he opens his mouth. Perhaps it iw fun for them to watch players getting frustrated and stressing out on a game that support to be engaging and not punishing.

With that in mind, these same developer have designed the Season 2 and from what I’ve read in the forum, it’s another sadistical approach. This remind me of that one Anime, Sword Art Online, where only the few can go up in levels while the rest are left on the lower levels. I don’t find that a great design if the big chunk of your player base are left out patch after patch because you employ developers who are sadistic and know nothing about balanced design.

To prove my point, here’s one of the complaints that received over a hundred replies, it starts with this,

“Not all of us want to play a platform jumping game.”
Enough of your GMPC please.
Pay with GEMS for new story??

…and others seems just don’t care at all which includes me. My friends just had enough of this game.

So for the pass weeks, I’ve been playing game that I love to play. Crysis 3, Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age 2. I also play Smite and Hearthstone just to add variety to my playlist. Since I finished DA2, I’ll try to finish Crysis 3 next.

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