EA – Origin and Steam sales

Prior to the Steam Summer sale, EA’s Origin have put on sale a lot of game titles that I would actually play. In that sale I picked up;

  • Mass Effect 2 – The title I believe that is better than ME1 and ME3. yeah, yeah “debatable” better.
  • Dragon Age 2 – another title that I believe is not as good as DAO but it has its appeal and the best ending IMHO compare to DAO.
  • Crysis 3 – something I always wanted to buy but my computer when it was launched was crap and it won’t do it justice. When I played the first Crysis, my computer can barely handle it without frying my internal components. Now that I have a better computer, I played it at high settings and holy shit…talk about heart pumping experience.
  • Then the Steam sale. Since I’m actually no low on funds until next month, I can only pick up a couple of titles that I would actually play.

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown – is made by people who made another addicting game, Civ 5. The sci-fi element is a great change of pace from medieval settings. This is another of those heart pumping experience.
  • Mount & Blade: Warband – is the best alternative from any Total War games. Sure I can’t view the whole battlefield from a bird’s eye view, but being part of the line, or riding like a general on the field is way worth it. Headshotting with a longbow takes skills higher than using a sniper rifle. It’s a very fulfilling experience.
  • Author: Enzovic

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