I might as well play Hearthstone

Earlier this month I have chosen to play TERA but after so much time have gone by and seeing that my exp bar barely moved makes it a very frustrating playing experience. I won’t even bother questioning their business decision because it is what it is. I don’t agree with their concept of “free to play” but that’s what we get.

So moving on, I choose to play Hearthstone more. Even though this is not an MMORPG that I’m looking for, it is still a multiplayer dueling game. So I played for the last week or so and made it to rank 20, but that’s as far I’ve gone, I’m stuck at 20. The power level of my deck is no match with players having Legendary cards in their deck. But I refuse to believe that it requires a legendary to go up in ranks, I think I just need to find the right synergy of cards and fine tune it.

I normally like playing a marksmanship character, whether a bowman or a sniper, but seeing that the Hunter class in Hearthstone is a mixed of Beastmaster and Survival hunter, I’ve never connected with the class’ class-only cards. The choice of Rexxar to represent the Hunter is an “ok” choice, but this is not the only thing what hunter is all about. There are hunters in WoW that never uses pets, instead survival and marksmanship, like the Windrunner sisters. So until then, I’ll be playing the Rogue class.

So far, my Rogue deck has the highest chance of winning in Ranks. However it’s still far from being competitive. My current deck has a lot of holes that I need to fix. So tonight, I’ll be disenchanting a lot of useless cards so I can create the cards that I need to fine tune my current Rogue deck then off to Ranks to test it out.

Author: Enzovic

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