SWTOR 3.0 and GW2 HoT

I have been playing SWTOR ever since 3.0 and all I can say is that it is a well worth it expansion to the game.

I have beaten Revan with my Warrior, Sorcerer, Bounty hunter, and Agent; and I’m currently working on beating him with my Commando next. As far as the story goes, the dialog on the Empire side is way better and the Republic dialog feels like rushed and boring. However, I am intend to take my Jedis all the way through next after my Commando.

ArenaNet just announced this weekend a new expansion to GW2 called Heart of Thorns. I’ve watched the announcement and it’s pretty boring since they are not revealing anything exciting except the ones they’ve shown from the trailer. I mean, sure they have announced a lot of things but also a lot of nothing. What’s the point of announcing the new profession without showing details. I mean as a director of ArenaNet, Colin failed big time. I was literally snoozing the whole announcement…no excitement at all.

Regardless, I might buy the expansion just because there’s something new to do and depending on what the expansion is all about, I might go back to playing SWTOR. According to Statista, GW2 is falling behind compare to SWTOR and I can personally see why. Hopefully that this expansion will make a change on this sad statistics.

I will playing a lot and that means i won’t be posting as often as usual. I really need something worth talking about to get active again.

Author: Enzovic

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