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GW2: They are back!

As I’ve predicted in my last GW2 post about the Path of Fire expansion, GW: Path of…

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Video Game Hiatus

I found it beneficial to take advantage of the time off during a company shutdown to lay-off…

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Total War: Warhammer – Empire game play

I recently completed the Empire campaign and there are lots of bone to pick in terms of…

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Thanksgiving (long) Weekend

Login to Smite – claim daily login reward. Logout. Login to GW2 – claim daily login reward….

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SWTOR: KotFE – gripes

Yesterday was the last day of my SWTOR subscription and there are plenty of reasons why I…

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SWTOR – The Smuggler

The Smuggler is the second Republic class I’ve completed the class story. The Republic Commando was too…

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SWTOR 3.0 and GW2 HoT

I have been playing SWTOR ever since 3.0 and all I can say is that it is…

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SWTOR 3.0 (and some GW2 stuff)

I ran the 3.0 Patch update during lunch time today and I’ll be ready to start playing…

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MMO Limbo

Ever since the GW2 update about the return of the Queen’s Pavilion and the Zephyrites, I have…

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