SWTOR – The Smuggler

The Smuggler is the second Republic class I’ve completed the class story. The Republic Commando was too “by the book” especially when the only romance choice is a walking and talking military rule book. I thought that the Smuggler would be different, but I was disappointed on where the story went.

It started falling apart when Risha got on board. She’s freaking annoying and very un-funny, or trying so hard to be funny. The conversation with her is boring as hell. Ok, I got the crown and she want to be queen…hmm that’s sounds familiar…wait, yeah, we already know about a smuggler+royalty romance from Episodes 4-6. Booooriiing!

So I went for a more original story and conversation, Akaavi. She is a very interesting and a strong female character. She’s a polar opposite of the smuggler. While the smuggler is about bullshit, sarcasm, and flirtation, Akaavi is a no-nonsense kind of person. She’s perfect. And when Risha confronted us and made me choose between her and Akaavi — I said it to her spoiled brat face that I chose Akaavi. I was expecting that she will get off my ship and be a queen somewhere, but this leech just won’t get off and have stuck around until the end of the story line. I a bit pissed that after all that conversation, she’s still on my ship.

Anyway, the conversation with Akaavi was the best. The rest of the crew is are boring or annoying especially Guss and Bowdar…damn this class crew sucks. So I was just ignoring the fact that I have other crew members and focus on Akaavi the whole time. I’ve pretended that they are nothing but cargos.

Speaking of annoying, the Jedi Consular have other people, non-crew, in her ship. This is gonna be a hell of a story about politics and how this shit will turn her to the dark side. lol, nah. I’ll try and keep her goodie-two-shoes and see where it will take us.

So that’s the story for the Smuggler and I’ll try and get him to level 60 and finish the Revan story with him and see what will happen after completing the mission. Right now, I’ve recruited Ivory and Rogun and the other mercs that the Voidwolf have put together. It will be interesting setting foot in Rishi as the leader of a galactic gang. I guess we’ll see when we get there.

Author: Enzovic

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