Beautiful Tyria – Artist Appreciation

It is not hard to understand the vision that ArenaNet is trying to accomplish. In a sense, it makes sense as a person goes through their real life experiences.

The Personal Story is likened to a person going through school from K-12 that their whole world is all about them, thinking that the world revolves around them, that all deeds needs to be recognized else they throw a fit. But as soon as this person becomes an adult, this person is overwhelmed with the vast open world that the first reaction is fear of uncertainty and demanding that things should stay as they were — back to all about them. The Living World reflect the adulthood of a person and the reaction to the Living World is that of young adult’s fear of uncertainty.

Adulthood is no longer about you, nor the world ever revolves around you. Sometimes, people you work with will take the spotlight even if you have done above and beyond the call of duty. As an adult, we learn to compromise, adapt, and deal with the situation even if we are not regarded by name. This is what the Living World is trying to portray, that after reaching Level 80, we are now adults ready to take on the world.

As an adult we choose how we are going to live our lives. In GW2, some choose to fight in the Mist, some choose to tackle the Fractals, some prepares for the next big threat, and some likes to explore the Dungeons. Others like the peaceful life of crafting items, trading in trading post, or just hanging out in Divinity’s Reach Party Around the Clock crowd. Thus ArenaNet is striving to accommodate to all walks of our GW2’s life.

I may not agree with a lot of decisions and indecision — actions and inaction — coming from ArenaNet, but it is undeniable that the world of Tyria is indeed beautiful. It is a nice and beautiful world they are building and if we stop for one second, then climb at the highest peak we can find, then look around — everything else is less important. So what if the neo-DE takes all the credit — they can’t stop and appreciate the world as I do.

Author: Enzovic

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