Civilization VI

A long announcement post at Polygon. Here are some highlights.

“One district is a military encampment, where your barracks and stables and military academy and those types of buildings go,” he says. “You can have a doubly defended city with two ranged strikes if you put up walls around your city and build an encampment. But the rule is, that encampment always has to be on the outskirts of your city. It cannot be next to the city center.”

“For example, an observatory can only be built in a city bordering a mountain. Now though, you need to place the observatory on the mountain.”

“The Pyramids must be built in the desert. Stonehenge can only be built near stone.”

“We also had weird problems that arose. You were perfectly free to research sailing and navigation, even if you hadn’t found the ocean yet.”

“What would make your people good at building with stone? The first thing they need to do is they have to find stone and establish a quarry.”

“Take a leader in world history who was renowned for having an empire with famous world wonders. That leader feels like he’s the greatest wonder builder that history has ever seen. He’s going to play Civilization 6 that way.”

“He’s going to be obsessed with building more wonders than anyone else in the world. If you back off and don’t try to compete with him that often, he’ll be fine. He’ll be your friend and you can establish a peaceful diplomatic relationship with him. But if you decide to compete on the thing he cares deeply about, he’s going to fight you on it.”

These are very nice concept and hopefully they can pull it off since it is very ambitious. You can read the rest of the article at Polygon. The new military take is interesting also and I can only picture on how Alexander will drive his hoplite army through the battle field. October seems a long time wait now.

Author: Enzovic

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