Infracted – 04/01/2013

In this infraction, the moderator feels that someone who is being rude should be protected from rude replies…huh? Exactly!

Your post in What’s ideal condition removal? was infracted by a moderator:


ever heard of blackpowder +hs?
and it removes 2. one at start of stealth, one at end of it

Dont’ be a smartass. Review what he said, he said dagger off-hand.

Moderator Note:

Posts that are rude, condescending, and/or inflammatory are not allowed. While it may not have been your intention to come across as such, please be careful to avoid accidentally offending anyone in the future. Be aware the nuances and intent of verbal messages are often lost in the written word.

This infraction serves only a warning. Additional infractions may award Infraction Points which can negatively affect your account. Infraction points may cause loss of privileges, including forum suspension.

Your message was deleted.

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Author: Enzovic

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