Return to World of Warcraft

This is not the first time I’ve returned and perhaps not the last time either. I started playing World of Warcraft again not because the new panda expansion is something I’ve been looking forward to playing, but because the recent MMO releases that suppose to revolutionize the business model of MMO has failed. The stress of keeping the cash flow is so apparent that it’s almost funny how their desperation is out on display for everyone to see.

I made a conviction that I will no longer financially support any Blizzard product, but that’s me being blinded by my dissatisfaction on a lot of things they did to my Hunter. The first thing that pressed my button was the removal of Mana. I can no longer burst with my Marksmanship build — in fact, Marksmanship died that day. Then the removal of Ammo, weapon switching, and the changes to the Talent tree — I was so angry back then that I left the game and promised not to return.

As I wander around looking for the next best thing, I found many great looking games with detailed environment and equipments and they are free to play. So I played and tried them out and I went through the leveling process, then things started to feel empty. I play the game because I was curious at what the class can do, the armor looks like, and what the different areas can bring. However, the main problem is that, everything is quest based — just like WoW. >.<' Nothing is really different other than the look.

Then Guild Wars 2 came along, inviting MMO player to try their game without subscriptions fee after purchasing the game so I was sold. Unfortunately, I got what I paid for; a game with the amount of content no greater than that of a regular $60 game. In my opinion, Mass Effect has a large and Deeper content than GW2. Although, it has a really great starting point, interesting plot, and captivating personal story, the game developer decided that they would go complete 180 degree and do a story line that has no bearing with Guild Wars lore, nor it continues on what they have already started. Not sure where this game is going, not sure if the Devs know also, but I stopped caring almost a month ago.

So for now, back to Azeroth and onward to Pandaria.

Author: Enzovic

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