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This infraction is my favorite. They made a post highlighting the negative attitude of the players base in the forum but failing to acknowledge that their overzealous moderation is what’s causing all the aggression. The best part is, this post of mine got infracted, but the thread is littered with offensive materials that were not infracted or deleted. If you think it is a double standard, biased, emotional impulsive moderation, etc. — you’d be right. If they find your face rude and offensive, you’d get infracted.

Your post in Collaborative Development was infracted by a moderator:

Chris Whiteside.6102:

We are also trying to forge a truly ‘Living World’. Therefore with your continued support, and patience we can continue to break new ground. Not just with world of Tyria, but with the method by which we build worlds ‘together’.

I can only speak for myself and I am ever hopeful, but if you continue on this path, I will not be one to support it.

All of this said, I wanted to make it clear that whilst we avidly read our forums, we pay little, to no, attention to posts that are disrespectful to other members of our community or our development team. Our developers work very hard to listen to the community, and work tirelessly to create content and features that they hope the community will love. Likewise, the constructive members of our community work hard to provide our development team with feedback that abides with our collaborative standards and overall community philosophy of having a productive, welcoming, and friendly culture. This is a true partnership.

I’m sorry but I don’t receive payment for my contribution thus calling our relationship as “partnership” is not even close to reality. It is rather disrespectful to call this a partnership when you’re the only one reaping the reward. I am not talking about monetary rewards, rather the reward that after playing several hours of GW2 that my time spent is of quality and not a mindless zerging all over the map. To think that is something I would like is insulting.

Our goal with Guild Wars 2 is to drive the creation of online worlds forward, thereby creating original, ‘stand-out’ content that pushes the boundaries of what it means to journey through a Living World. Any endeavor on this scale is going to have its challenges, and therefore as a team, we are fully prepared to make mistakes, learn from them, and make even better experiences as we move forward. We see problems not as failures but as opportunities, essentially a necessary part of Tyria’s and our Team’s evolution. It is with this understanding that we work with our community to move forward in the space and truly realize great things.

Well count me out. I was hoping for an update about continuing the Personal Story, but if this is the path you’ve chosen, I simply cannot support it.

Therefore you have to ask yourself: Is this a journey you want to take?

My answer has to be NO. I’m done. Thanks for making it clear that I can finally make a final decision. I was hopeful until now but it is now clear that GW2 is no longer the game for me.

Moderator Note:

Posts that are rude, condescending, and/or inflammatory are not allowed. While it may not have been your intention to come across as such, please be careful to avoid accidentally offending anyone in the future. Be aware the nuances and intent of verbal messages are often lost in the written word.

This infraction serves only a warning. Additional infractions may award Infraction Points which can negatively affect your account. Infraction points may cause loss of privileges, including forum suspension.

Your message was deleted.

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